Fall/Winter 2018 is inspired by the playful and dynamic event, the funfair. The inspiration comes from three divisions: the reflecting mirror house, the dynamic of colorful attractions and the real old school games. The gender neutral collection consists of basic garments which are all available in various materials of your own choice. The kids in the target group for this collection are between the ages of 8 and 12 years old, also known as tweens. The garments will be available in the sizes 128 - 176.

Tweens, the group of youth who fall in between kids and teenagers, defined in the age from 8 to 12 years old. This generation of kids can be nicknamed as the screen-going youth. Mobile phones, tablets and computers play a big part in their everyday life. Those digital connections are part of their social network and also affects there behavior and taste. Inspired by vloggers and bloggers they develop a tasting that is based on a more adult life. Clothing brands that are specialized in children's wear are no longer interesting. They don't want to be surrounded by baby stuff, but by sporty streetwear brands. These brands don't offer much in their range that is fit for tweens. This is the demand my collection answers to. The collection is created for the needs of the target group. The collection is mostly digital. Online is where their lives takes place. This is where the collection will be promoted and where the costumers can style the collection themselves.

Making the collection digital is also out of a sustainable point of view. A lot of money and resources will be saved in the prototyping process. Sustainability is a very important part of the collection, especially for children. I feel responsible for the world we leave behind to them and want to make sure it's a worthy world. That is why the materials in the collection will all be sustainable. Yang Textile is a textile company in Taiwan that produces all kinds of sustainable and recycled fabrics. Their specialization is PET recycled materials which are used a lot in the collection.

We all know the mirror houses from the funfair that create a fragmented and transformed image of reality. An image that is comparable with the mindset of an 8 year old. The world gets more depth but the reflection is still fragmented and moving. Within this theme, landscapes are distorted and a mirror effect plays an important role. The cleanliness and the high-tech feeling play an important role in all this. This can be seen in the properties of the various fabrics and their reaction to external influences: sunlight, rain, and heat. A clean color pallet reinforces this technological feeling. Blue, white, and black play the dominant hand while green commits to a fresh and sporty entirety.

Reflect Defect background

Dynamic luminous attractions spin around the funfair. A glitchy effect is created and attention is drawn through it. Attention is an important factor for the target group, together with popularity. This dynamic spectacle is shown in engaged and colorful prints with a dark base. The bright colors contrast with the hardened black. Shifted prints and shiny materials give a feeling of movement. Excess and dynamics are key words for this theme. The materials used in Attention Error go hand in hand together with the uni's from the other two themes.

Attention Error background

Playing games is a big part of the funfair. The fun and challenged that one gets from it can trigger the target group. Many games have an old school feeling. Many logos and the use of simple shapes give this theme an old school sporty feeling. Jeans fabrics are combined here with the sporty sweat fabrics. White is the basis for this theme in combination with cobalt blue, light blue grass green, and lemon yellow. In Join the Club!, many uni materials are also used that can be combined with the other themes.

Join The Club! background