• The concept Evolution of Vulnerability; concept images, color card and concept text

In the stone

I like to think of myself as a stone, a neutral and gentle exterior, but with a surprising twist. A stone in which an explosion of beauty blooms. A core of creative ideas, a lively stream of lava color.

The inspiring simmering that is happening inside thrives increasingly, becoming the person I am now. A transformation to the joyful brain to break through the neutral shield. The uncertainty and vulnerability is ridiculed and covered with exuberance.

I am a womansware and textile designer who is always looking for textures and shapes that stimulates the creative flow. The alienation and cheerfulness is what matters in my identity: color and organic forms are central to this.

My designs are for the growth and flourish that people go through in their lives, the uncertainty that must be protected, and the strength that wants to be expressed. True beauty is the uncertainty that the strength displays. The textures and materials come from the uninhibited childlike glee.

Assessment of vulnerability

The vulnerability that lies in all from within is protected by a transformative shield. Like a chameleon, we adapt constantly. By living as a robot made by society, you become an unpervaded personality.

The vulnerability that lurks inside should not be hidden, but should flourish to splurge. The change that causes the body to transform; allows mutant forms. The transformation represents evaluation of the vulnerability for the identity where you can be proud of.